For many years i’ve been exploring and practicing various forms of massage and developed my own unique massage technique. By blood measurements i was able to prove that the stress hormone cortisol was reduced by up to 30% after a 50 minute full body massage.

I combine my full body massage of the following basic techniques:


Classical massage

My classic oil massage is very successful at physical and mental muscle tension. An elongation of the connective tissue, increasing lymphatic flow and blood circulation to increase your well-being in each case. Aroma oils give an invigorating or relaxing effect.



Feet reflexology massage

Gentle pressure with the thumb on all the reflex points of the foot sole. By dissolving blockages self-healing powers of the body are activated. This treatment is found to be extremely pleasant and relaxing.



Printing techniques, the whole body of the therapist effect a stimulation of the meridians, so that the energy balance will be restored. This technique is preferably used for relaxation, spinal disorders and to increase overall well-being.



Thai Stretching massage

This dynamic massage technique using stretching  strokes and acupressure to boosts the immune system, resultingin  deep relaxation and increased mobility.

Javanese hot stone massage

The use of hot and cold stones, placed on different parts of the body, activates the self-healing powers. Tense and overacidified muscles are relaxed. This ancient technique is fully up to date, because It helps to balance the body and mind through deep relaxation.

All massages are a useful accompaniment and support for pain relief in detox and fasting, to reduce stress and increase your health and performance.